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I am a visual communicator with over 9 years of industry experience, hungry for challenging opportunities where I need to think of unique and creative ways to approach situations. I have worked as a Head of Branding for a start-up and developed innovative ideas for small, medium and big brands like Shopify. Simultaneously I have managed my own design studio for over 8 years and I was a recipient of the “Enterprise Toronto Starter Company 2015”, a grant awarded by the City of Toronto to start-ups and young entrepreneurs.

The EBR Creative Space was born with the idea of creating smart and beautiful design. Ever since, I lived in 5 different cities across 3 different continents and the idea of working in what I love has followed me everywhere. This has allowed me to build a portfolio of clients with a truly global reach, spanning Singapore, New York, Miami, Toronto, Montreal, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile, Madrid, Barcelona.

Download my resume here.

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